How It Works - Getting Online Drum Tracks With Nashville Drum Tracks

Getting Started

  • Step 1 — Tell me about your song. Let me know - Are you wanting Acoustic drums or Midi drum files on your song?

    Send over the song by email you would like me record the drums on. After reviewing it, I will respond back within 24 hours to discuss your song with you. This is where we'll discuss in detail , the style, the sound you're wanting to achieve plus anything else you may want me to reference that will give me the best idea on how to approach recording the drums for you.

  • Step 2 – Upload your files Here are some easy to follow instructions .

    1. Export your tracks at measure 1 of the song, so our tracks all line up on the grid. Export a Stereo Broadcast .wav file (without drums) . You can put a click track in the mix OR you can send separate mono wav files.(e.g. separate vocal, gtr's, keys, click...etc) that way I can make my own mix. It’s totally up to you.
    2. Wav files work best however I can cut the track to an MP3 too if you prefer to send them. 
    3. Give me the tempo of the song.
    4. Tell me what bit rate you recorded the song at - 16/44, 24/44, 24/48, 24/96.

  • Step 3 – Booking and Payments After reviewing and discussing the direction for your song, I’ll start making arrangements to book your session. I’ll also send you a PayPal invoice for your all-inclusive rate. All payments are required to be paid in full prior to any recording taking place. This allows me to put your song firmly on the calendar and guarantees it thru to completion. PayPal, personal checks, cash, direct deposit to bank account are all accepted . Please make all PayPal payments to:

  • Step 4 — Recording Once your payment is received and your song files uploaded, It’s time to play drums. I will schedule a specific day and time to work on your song. If you can be available to speak with me directly at the time of the session that would be great however it’s not a requirement . This is where you will have a chance to communicate your first thoughts and ideas to me after I send you a solid pass back to your email to review. Skype or FaceTime is also good . I’ll record the drums, send you a mixed MP3 to listen to. If you have any changes, I’ll re-do the complete track and or fix the changes. Resend you another MP3. You'll review again.

  • Step 5 — Approval of Final Tracks Once I’m finished tracking and you have given final approval on my playing, I will put the acoustic wav files into a folder, zip it up , upload and deliver your acoustic drum tracks directly to your inbox using We Transfer , Drop Box or any other FTP site. You download the files, Import into your session and enjoy creating . If you get Midi files ... You will get 3 midi files sent to your inbox via email to choose from so you can make edits and create 1 killer midi track if you'd like.

  • Step 6 — Credits If you’re releasing the song and would like to credit me on the project , I would be greatly appreciate it. Drums - Peter Young, Recorded at

Midi Drum Tracks

  • Custom Midi Drum Tracks:
    Let me play your favorite drum modules:
    All midi files are compatible with, SD2,EZ Drummer,BFD,Slate and more.

    - Forget about drum programming.
    - All tracks are played live to fit your song
    - Receive 3 midi files back for your choice.
    - Get your custom MIDI drum tracks recorded quickly and sent back to your inbox.

    Peter uses an Alesis Trigger kit with Superior Drummer. If you want his custom sounds he can render down the audio too.

    Please contact Peter directly for rates.